Eric Olson's "Your Country" Feature - November 5th 2009 

PottersWife Gallery Featured on Indiana's News Center

Eric Olson from INC NOW expressed interest in our space and produced a wonderful 2 minute segment on the happenings at 1421 Broadway via His   "Your Country" weekly feature.

the Inaugural show was a success and fulfilled many of our goals to contribute and inspire new and seasoned art collectors, support the artists who had enough faith in our vision to sign on, and enjoy art in a way that provided enrichment to an already vibrant art culture here in Fort Wayne. 

We at PottersWife could have never asked for a better introduction to the community. Thanks to our new peers for accepting the idea that there is room for promotion in this great city!

and finally, thanks to Mr. Olson and Indiana's News Center for producing a story that reaffirmed our belief that the visual arts are alive and well in Fort Wayne.


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