Nathan Taves "Curved World"

Selected Works and Poetic Whimsy

 the insights of modern physics have persuaded me that assessing life through the lens of everyday experience is like gazing at a van Gogh through an empty Coke bottle.”

         Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos, Space, Time and the Texture of Reality, 2004




 Side Street     Oil on Linen     42"x28"




 Green Ballet   Stoneware w/Stains, Oil on Hardboard   14"x11"x9"



Curved World      Stoneware w/ Oil     11.5"x12"x14.5"


 Curved Lakescape     Oil on Hardboard     18"x24"


Green Highway      Oil on Hardboard     18"x24"


The Grass at the End of the World   Oil on Hardboard   18"x24"


Where Trees Are Born     Oil on Hardboard   18"x24"


 The Last Exit & the Next One   Oil on Hardboard   18"x24"

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