Suraci Warms the Night

at PottersWife Gallery

February 11, 2011

Susan Suraci is a Fort Wayne original. As a noted painter, musician and writer she graces the gallery with style and flair all her own.

A new series of intimate fish paintings were a definitive hit opening night with most of the pieces finding new homes. Mind you small fish studies only scratch the surface with Suraci. Large scale paintings adorned the gallery and provided a sense of serenity with boats on water, quiet forest scenes and also urban depictions of life just around the corner.

Susan is also an accomplished musician with long time connections with Possum Trot Orchestra and a current endeavor to collaborate with her husband Ron as Flying Suraci. Definitely worth a look and listen!

If you are thinking that is enough talent for one person to offer, let's not stop glowing just yet. Add to the list of accomplishments Susan's regular contribution to Whatzup and capturing the pulse of our local Fort Wayne Culture with her written word.

So as a huge talent and contributor to the local "scene" we are huge fans of Susan Suraci. Drop in at PottersWife and take in a few of her paintings, appreciate the view and celebrate another talent in our community.

Susan's Trailer Series - Click Here!

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