About the Artist

Drawing almost solely on his imagination, Samuel A. Minick strives to paint in the frame of mind he had as a child. While he appreciates photography, the photo-realistic image is something he strives to ignore. The landscapes and environments he paints are mostly illustrative renderings of places of contemplation. A “golden frozen moment” - the kind one has in a dream or during a beautiful sunset are what Sam hopes to capture in his work. 

He enjoys posing natural elements on his “stage”. Some ephemeral, but mostly more permanent subjects make up his players. Stones and trees have a special roll in Sam’s work. He believes the endurance of these things are symbolic in the subconscious of everyone. “In our lifetime trees grow and change with the seasons - and when a familiar one is cut or falls down we notice it is missing in our day to day lives. As if a house in your neighborhood is suddenly gone. Stones are so permanent... Much like sentinels watching the world go by – that fascinates me,” he says.

Minick recently changed from years of using acrylics to the less forgiving medium of gouache. The opaque watercolor paint has velvety matte finish that he enjoys. Painting on stretched cold-press watercolor paper provides a random earthy texture that lends itself to his subject matter. 

Sam grew up in the North Side Neighborhood – a few doors down from the St. Joseph River.  He attended IPFW’s Fine Arts’ Program majoring in Graphic Design. After graduation he worked in the newsroom of The Journal Gazette as an illustrator and page designer. He and his wife Celeste and dog live near Lakeside Park.

He currently is a freelance illustrator working with publications such as Outdoor Life, MotorTrend and Smithsonian Magazine. Sam also does illustration and logo development for agencies in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as locally. He is currently working with publishers in Milan, Italy doing cover illustrations for a limited edition printing of select books by Agatha Christie.

All rights belonging to the holder of the copyright, including the production rights, shall remain with the artist 


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