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 About the Artist

Jeffrey Meyer, is a Fort Wayne Native, and currently lives and works in the Pacific Northwest.

Formally interested in illustration and storytelling via contribution to Zines and self published "mini-comics", his focus has shifted almost exclusively to collage.

"... I found with drawing, that too often the results were at odds with my expectations, so I was constantly correcting rather than creating." As my frustration with drawing increased I turned to collage.

I find most "visual culture" (advertising, modern illustration and design, etc.) very unsatisfying if not outright insulting -- I suppose taking what I see apart and reassembling it is a way of taking control of what I see and how it affects me.

Works selected for PottersWife Gallery are but a small sample of the Artists portfolio. Prolific, offbeat and unapologetic, Jeffrey is a true original. See more examples of his work at


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