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About The Artist

An University of Saint Francis alumna, Cindy Husar has a Bachelor’s in Art Education and a Master’s in Ceramics.  As a teacher at Homestead from 1989 to the present, Cindy has taught almost everything in the art department at some point or other, but the 3-D classes such as ceramics, sculpture and jewelry are the ones that have always fed her creativity the most.  In fact, teaching ceramics is what changed her focus from sculpture to ceramics.

Ceramics embodies the best of all mediums for Cindy.  Ceramics affords Cindy the opportunity to work with all of the things that really inspire her: texture, form, line, color, nature, architecture and artwork of the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau eras. 

Currently, Cindy is exploring altering the forms of wheel thrown pottery resulting in the triangular “Pod” pots and the “Bulb” pots as well as continuing to create the lidded forms that have always intrigued her.  

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