Objet Trouvé
French - "Found Object"

At PottersWife gallery, Artists transform ordinary, everyday objects into completely unique works of art. Get ready for your aha moment - fun, provocative and quirky awaits!

Featured Artists:
- Art Farm -
Lisa and Paul bring their rural Art Farm style to the PottersWife urban settingwith one of a kind re purposed treasures - Spencerville, Indiana
- Steve Williams -
Everyday items with unique presentation... these works are sure to delight and challenge your imagination - Toledo, Ohio
- Dixie Bradley -
A collector with a talent for re purposing ordinary items into elaborate collages - Fort Wayne, Indiana
- Lara Dann -
Stunning paintings with ornate frames adorned with unconventional items make Lara's work outrageous and fun - Knoxville Tennessee
- Anthony Granato -

Mixed Media Paintings showcased within found, vintage frames - Salt Lake City, Utah
- Jim Delaney -
Fun and relevant subject matter offer a sense of personal history in these everyday items - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Objet Trouvé February 10 - March 24, 2012