Experience Nathan Taves curving, folding and evolving view in this exhibition appropriately named "Curved World"

Artists Statement:
"Since the 1980’s, I have read theories of modern physics with wonder.  They have molded my worldview and enhanced my appreciation for this beautiful and amazing world -- especially the parts our eyes cannot see.  Art of observational realism seemed too confining.  Just one concept such as the bending of space-time (gravity) or the possibility of curled higher dimensions is simply inspiring."

A graduate of Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne and Rhode Island School of Design, Taves work is prolific, challenging, introspective and familiar. Never before has his work been shown with such breadth and clarity.

Glean an intimate view of this local artists motivation and personal connections during an Artists Talk beginning at 1:00 pm  October 22

PottersWife is honored to celebrate Taves work and invites you to participate in this enriching event beginning Friday evening October 22 at 7 pm